Privacy Policy
binary option break(以下「当社」)は、当社を利用するお客様(以下「お客様」)の「特定の個人を識別できる情報」また「生存する個人に関する情報」(以下「個人情報」)の重要性を認識し、その適正な収集、利用、保護をはかるとともに、安全に管理を行うため、プライバシーポリシーを定め、以下のとおり運用します。お客様のプライバシーを保護することは最優先事項の一つであり、本プライバシーポリシーはウェブサイトユーザーに関する情報を我々がいかに取得、利用し、そしてプライバシーを保護する為にお客様に何が出来るかを規定します。お客様は当サイトや他のウェブページへアクセス、訪問等をすることに関して、本プライバシーポリシーの条件てに拘束されることへの合意を明確かつ真正に表明するものとします。
1. Safeguard of Personal Information
The company established an operational procedure to protect personal information, prevent unauthorised access, in order to maintain the accuracy of the information, the company has put in place appropriate physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information collect online
2. The collection of personal information
The company through proper way to collect and use personal information collected by defining the usage purpose, notifying and fulfilling the purpose within required area. In order to protect the privacy of Minors, the company does not keep any user information under age of 20 , and any parts of the Website has been configured to attract users under age of 20. This policy applied to all information collected or submitted to he Website. The Customer can perform financial transaction, request, data submission for the purpose of registration and other. The types of personal information that is collected on the Website, name, address, email address, contact number, birth date, bank account details, credit card number and other, regardless whether pertaining to personal or acting on behalf of any organisation or third party. Information collected from different sources will be integrated on this Website, Customer can update personal information on timely basis by accessing to 『Manage Member Information』 of the Website.Customer hereby agrees and confirms that there are some legally bind information are not allowed to change under legal requirement. The Website also collect other types of information, as logged by Website’s servers, including IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time of visit, in order to trace certain user trends or to block certain users from accessing the Website. The Website also may assign one or more cookies in your computer which may collect information in order to facilitate easy access to the Website and to personalise online experience, standardisation of web beacons and monitor program, or use non standard internet tools.
3. Usage of Personal Information
Personal information collected from Customers are used and managed for below purposes within required range,
  • Provide Customer service and secure on the transaction associated with it
  • Provide information from email & etc ・ collect unidentified individual「statistical data 」
  • Personal Identification
  • Prevention of unauthorised usage of credit card
  • Prevention of international money laundering
  • Settlement and refund
Customer is allowed to choose if to provide personal information based on Customer’s judgement, it is possible that Customer unable to use part of the services provided by the Website.
4. Disclosure of personal information to third parties
The company will not disclosure personal information to third parties except obtain authorisation from the Customers, under the laws, or with valid reasons, or unless falls under any of followings.
  • it is required to be disclosed under provisions of law and regulations
  • it is requested to be disclosed by Customer
  • it is disclosed un-identical individual「Statistic Data」(sex, age & etc)
  • it is disclosed to affiliates by request
  • it is disclosed to financial institutes, credit card company & etc to verify the legitimacy of bank account and credit card &etc of Customer who deposit by using credit card &etc upon settlement procedure
  • it is presented in public
  • it is publicly known to the company
  • it becomes publicly known and made generally available after disclosure by you to us through no action or inaction of the company
  • it is furnished or made known to us by a third party otherwise than in breach of any of our confidentiality obligation hereunder
  • it is independently developed by the company without reference to the information disclosed by Customer or was known to the company, without restriction, at the time of disclosure by Customer, as shall be shown and evidenced by written documents, to be disclosed to protect company’s rights.
  • When it's necessary to be elucidation to defend our right.
5. Inquiry of Identity
The company will respond to Customer’s request to query ,change and delete personal information upon confirmation of Customer’s identity.
6. Contacts from the Website
Customer may choose and ask not to receive emails and/or newsletters from the Website, and/or delete or decline cookies by changing browser settings.
7. Change of Privacy Policy
Without any prior notice to Customer, the company reserves the right to make any changes or amend any term of this Privacy Policy by timely disclosure, it is Customer’s responsibility to verify and confirm any changes or amendment of this privacy policy. In case that Customer does not agree to any change and/or amendment of this privacy policy, please immediately stop the service and directly send written notice to the company