Terms & Conditions
1. About this use assent contract.
This is an Agreement between binary option break (hereinafter referred to as: the "Company") and Customer (hereinafter referred to as: the "Customer").
This agreement explains the usage conditions and risks applicable to our service available on the domain of 【https://bobreak.com】 (hereafter "this site").
At the time the customer is registered as a member of the Company, the customer confirms the contents of this agreement, and (1) this agreement, (2) the agreement of the terms of the privacy policy, agreeing to be bound by these It is considered. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement and Privacy Policy, we can not use our service.
We shall be able to apply the rights or obligations under this contract without obtaining your consent.
Even if any provision of this Agreement is illegal, invalid or unenforceable by law, the remaining provisions shall be amended and interpreted to have the original effect as much as possible, and all other provisions of this Agreement The provisions of this Act shall survive effectively.
2. User Eligibility
If you are under 20 years old (hereinafter "underage"), we can not use our service under any circumstances.
Our service is recommended only for customers with sufficient experience and knowledge to fully understand the merits and risks that may arise from conducting financial transactions through this site and to conduct financial transactions with information available through our site doing. Inexperienced people are also available, but please trade after understanding that there is a risk in the transaction.
Customer is responsible for any investment made by the contents of our site or any other judgment.
We are not responsible for certifying and confirming whether the customer has sufficient knowledge and experience. In addition, we are not responsible for any losses or damages arising from the use of our transactions or our services.
If you are not a qualified person for our service, please stop using our service immediately. We are not responsible for the use of our services by non-qualified persons or minors.
3. Legal Restrictions
Depending on the jurisdiction, there may be cases where the legality of the transaction is clearly defined and it is not clearly defined, but it is not what we intend to violate the law. It is the customer's responsibility to understand that the law concerning financial transactions contracts differs from all over the world and to confirm whether or not they violate the laws, regulations, government ordinances, etc. of the country of residence when using our site. We will not present or guarantee the legitimacy or illegality in accessing our site in your country of residence or in the country where you are accessing or using our services, The decision on whether or not it is legitimate is your sole responsibility.
You declare that funds deposited in our account are not due to drug smuggling, kidnapping or other crimes, or illegal activities.
You are responsible for all taxes, fees, and other costs accompanying or arising from dividends incurred in using our services.
Please do not trade in any case in the illegal use of our service. We may suspend the provision of services at our own discretion, or forcibly delete the registration information, we will process the notification to the institution if we find it.
4. Account Management and Requirement
Please manage your user's account ID and password issued at the opening of our account at your own risk.
We are not responsible for any damage caused by inappropriate or illegal use of the account by the customer.
You agree to provide accurate current personal information. Since personal information is required for verification against certificates, please do not use spoofs, pseudonyms, borrow names absolutely. Although there is no penalty when it can not be reconciled, there are times when we can stop depositing and withdrawing and using our service without prior notice.
Customers should not misrepresent alliance relationships with their affiliated organizations and others, use fake identity confirmation documents, or agree to intentionally not misrepresent identity to us by any means.
Customer can not use our service on behalf of others.
You must keep confidential your user ID and password, disclose it to others, or use another person's password. We are responsible for all transactions related to using your own password. Every person recognized by entering an accurate user ID and password is deemed to be the customer himself, and all transactions after the user ID and password are correctly entered will be deemed valid.
Customer is responsible for reporting changes to personal information to us.
We will strictly manage personal information provided at the time of opening account according to information disclosure prescribed in the privacy policy.
5. The grant of license and restrictions
We will issue a non-exclusive non-transferable limited license ("license") for all uses to our site, contracts using accounts.
License will continue to comply with the terms of this agreement.
For use contrary to this Agreement on our site, the customer assumes all of its responsibilities.
You agree to use information from within this site solely for conducting transactions within this site.
In the circumstances where you have not authorized access to this site in advance without prior written consent of our company, we resell license, account, and contents on our site, give permission of access, for other purposes Please agree not to duplicate.
You use all information and functions obtained from this site for purposes such as illegal, fraudulent, abusive, defamation, slander, invasion of others' privacy, intimidation, puzzle, harassment, obscene or hatred It must not be.
We judge that personal information from customers including e-mail address is not currently used or inappropriate If you do not comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement, all regulations and guidelines for each service, please contact our trading platform In case we judge that you abused it, all the licenses agreed to in this agreement will be invalid.In the event of such violation as described above, we will immediately request the customer to stop accessing this site. Also, without prior notice from the Company, we also agree to terminate access to all services at our discretion, cancel transactions, delete and discard the information and contents in the service To do.
6. Financial Information
The financial information provided on our website is created internally or obtained from agents, vendors or partners using various services. These include partly or entirely including financial market data, quotes, news, option analysis and research reports, graphs or various data ("financial information"). These are not intended to advise customers 'investment, they are provided only as a service for the convenience of customers' transactions, and the Company does not guarantee. It is the customer's responsibility to confirm the accuracy, immediacy, completeness, consistency of the financial information provided by third parties who provide financial information with the Company, and no responsibility is given to the results arising from the financial information I will not guarantee.
Financial information changes rapidly due to various reasons such as changes in market conditions or economic conditions. Neither the Company nor the third party providing the financial information is responsible for updating information or opinions on financial information and stops the provision of financial information to customers at any time without giving any notice can do.
Since it is the customer's own responsibility to confirm the reliability of the information transmitted from this site and the information requested by the customer, please fully consider and make a deal. We do not assume any responsibility for claims on claims on the Company's website or claims made by the company's site, loss or damage.
7. Link
We may provide you with links to sites that are provided or managed by third parties, but links to these sites will support the reliability of the site owner and provider , Or we are not authorizing or guaranteeing the site. When acquiring and using information from the linked site via the Internet and providing credit or purchasing goods, it is necessary to understand possible risks from using the site.
Links to other websites we conduct on the site are provided solely for your convenience and you agree not to indemnify us for damages or losses caused by using the content, goods or services acquired through these sites , We agree that we are not responsible under any circumstances.
8. Refund
Deposit will be transferred by overseas remittance. * To receive, you need a bank account with SWIFT, ABA, BLZ, BSB code attached.
At the time of withdrawal, a remittance processing fee of 15$ uniform (equivalent to the same amount in the case of foreign currency) will be charged.
*There is no fee for withdrawals of 20 yen or more.
If we receive a refund request, we will require at least 5 business days to process the procedure. It may take 7 business days to 9 business days until the procedure is processed properly and the customer confirms the refund.
In addition, if there is any incompleteness in the information you registered, it will take more days.
The withdrawal procedure becomes possible after dealings over the payment amount. If the transaction amount is less than the payment amount, the withdrawal procedure can not be done.
The fee (lifting charge, receipt banking fee, etc.) generated when receiving the withdrawal amount will be paid by the customer.
If the difference in bank account requires repayment procedure, the prescribed fee will be charged.
9. Anti-Money Laundering
We firmly prohibit the use of our site for money laundering. In addition, we adopt highly effective anti-money laundering regulations.
We have the authority to refuse, suspend or cancel transactions against customers who are against the anti-money laundering regulations below.
  • The customer must present the necessary information required by the Company to the Company.
  • The profit from the transaction on our site will be paid only to the customer himself who opened the account according to our regular procedure.
  • If you refund by bank remittance to you, you will be remitted only to the true owner of that bank account.
  • Transactions exceeding the deposit amount are obligated for money laundering prevention.
  • When you deposit by bank remittance It is the customer's responsibility to confirm that your bank account number and holder are the same.
  • f the Company deems it necessary, we request the customer to additionally submit a copy of the passport or other identity verification documents, etc. until the judgment by the Company that the certificate is necessary and sufficient , You may stop trading accounts.
10. Stop of Trade
In using the service of the customer, the customer should not perform any act that falls under or is likely to be subject to the following matters. We have the authority to refuse service, suspend use / transaction, refuse profit sharing, account freeze treatment, forced removal in case of judgment by our company only at the judgment of ourselves that the customer has done the following acts or the acts found in it doing. In addition, in the case of forced withdrawal, only refundable amount of money (in case the balance is less than the deposit amount, payable amount possible) will be refundable and funds including trading · bonus shall be extinguished.
  • Acts that violate or suspect international law, constitution, law, ordinance, other laws and ordinances
  • Acts that violate this Agreement
  • Actions to make excessive complaints
  • Any act that infringes the copyright, trademark right or any other right of the Company or a third party or an action that may be feared
  • Act of using tools and programs without permission without our permission, not API
  • Impersonation acts on real or imaginary persons (including the use of others' IDs and passwords)
  • Multiple account possession (including same credit card, same bank account, family)
  • Conducting transactions systematically
  • Act of re-registering after withdrawal without our permission
  • Excessive cancellation behavior
  • Acts of performing abnormal transactions using automatic tools and the like
  • Acts of using our service for bonus purposes rather than for investment purposes
  • Act of conducting this site's intrusion into the security system, accessing or attempting to access, or detouring, and further obstructing our site (including but not limited to using robots and similar machinery)
  • In cases where we are obviously subject to financial, legal, or monetary disadvantage due to malicious acts
  • Other prohibited acts stated in this Agreement
  • In addition, when judging that our company is a prohibited act
When a certain bias occurs in a transaction, it may be sold out.
Please note that due to concentration of access, server situation, etc., we are unable to respond to any claim for damages due to loss compensation or profit sharing, loss of opportunity caused by not purchasing etc.
11. Limitation of Liability
We are not responsible for any errors, delays, disturbing acts, etc. caused by failure of connection line caused by unauthorized access (destruction or obstruction etc.) to this site. In addition, we are not responsible for communication trouble of the Internet, telephone line, network, computer online system, server and provider, hardware, software failure.
We are not responsible for any loss or damage of customers caused by content obtained from the site or service, or when using the site or service, online or offline.
Customer is responsible for the supply and maintenance of all computers, telegraphic calls, Internet access services. The performance of this site may be affected depending on the mobile device that you can use and the situation of Internet connection. In accessing this site, we will not be held responsible for the loss caused by the internet, telegraphic network service provider you use.
Regardless of the usefulness of the information obtained from our site or investment decisions decided on the basis of such information, regardless of whether direct, indirect, or incidental, related to the use of our site or service Even in the event of damage caused, the Company and its officers and employees and any agent of the Company will not be held responsible for the damage or the like.
Our responsibility for transactions is applied to the extent that the laws of your country of residence are involved and we will never assume responsibility beyond the amount you deposit in the account of our site or the amount you remit.
12. Intellectual property
All contents, trademark names, trademarks, logos, icons, etc. belong to us or their affiliated parties and agents, and are protected by the Copyright Law, International Agreement and the Convention. I agree not to delete the indication that copyright and other intellectual property rights are protected from things downloaded or printed from our site.
You may not hold licenses, rights, intellectual property rights to use content on our site or our site unless stated in this agreement.
The images displayed on our website are those we own or use with ownership. Upload information, software or other content protected by these intellectual property rights (as well as the right to disclose and the privacy right as well) without prior written consent without obtaining the permission of ownership, I agree not to copy, post, or distribute.
13. Compensation
You agree to pay anything that we are responsible for paying to us or to third parties related to your use of this site.
If you visit or use our site or service and you violate any provision of this agreement and violate any laws and regulations applicable to that customer, you will not be liable for all officers and employees of the Company, I agree to indemnify our agent for all damages, liabilities, losses, attorneys' fees and other expenses resulting from the violation.
14. Contract period and termination
The contract period is basically unlimited from the date of registration. We are entitled to terminate this Agreement at any time by notifying you of the cancellation of this Agreement.
When this agreement is terminated, the customer can not conduct a new transaction.
15. Disclosure of risk in trading
You agree to use our site for your own risk.
Not to be limited to the above provisions, we must fully understand that services on our site may lose all invested funds, and only customers who have sufficient experience to deal with risks in financial transactions , And it is the customer's own responsibility to judge whether it can respond to the risk or not.
Please do not invest funds that can not afford to lose, as you may lose part of the investment amount or all of it. We understand all the risks involved in the transaction and use the service.
16. Governed Law
The composition, effectiveness and enforcement of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Seychelles. Prosecution and litigation arising under this Agreement will only be filed against the court of the Republic of Seychelles and both the customer and the Company shall agree that they are invalid for each jurisdiction and the customer disputes this I will not get caught.
We do not assume any responsibility for events caused by force majeure, events caused by government or legal authorities.
Our waiver of any provision of this Agreement shall not be construed as a waiver of any prior or subsequent breach of any provision of this Agreement.
17. For bonus conditions
As a part of customer service, we may grant a bonus that can be used for trading deposit.
These bonuses may be subject to change without notice in advance, although there are first-time and limited time bonuses.
You can use this bonus immediately for trading.
Please note that conditions may change without prior notice depending on the campaign of granting bonus.
We may also offer special bonus campaigns for customers with good winning rates and good trading contents.
18. Change of Terms and conditions
We will be able to make changes or amendments to this Agreement by timely disclosing the changes and revisions of this Agreement without notifying them, and confirming whether this Agreement has been modified or amended is the responsibility of the Customer will do. Changes or amendments to this Agreement will be effective from the day disclosed and released on our website.
If you are unable to agree to change or amend this Agreement, please stop using our service and notify us immediately in writing.
If we receive rate distribution that is markedly divergent from the market prevailing rate called "bad tick" or "spike", obviously erroneous rate is found due to binary option break, our investigation, due to system malfunction etc If you do, you may cancel transactions or modify gains or losses for such binary option transactions. Please understand beforehand that we can not respond to any claim for damages due to compensation loss, profit sharing or loss of opportunity that occurred at that time.
In order to perform a neutral / fair rate, the delivery destination may be changed. Please understand beforehand that we can not respond to change of trading time due to change of delivery destination, request for compensation for damages due to compensation loss, profit sharing or opportunity loss caused by absence.